Attacks on Ebola Response July - August 2019

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Published on 31 Aug 2019 View Original

Latest available safety, security and access information on reported attacks on health care in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Throughout August 2019: In Goma city, North Kivu province, medics are reportedly continuing to encounter increasing attacks and resistance among local communities. The Governor of North Kivu announced, however, that those who spread misinformation to hamper relief efforts will face arrest. Sources: AP and Reuters

26 August 2019: In Walikale, North Kivu province, the body of a murdered doctor was found. Source: ACLED

13 August 2019 (DOA): In Mbau town, North Kivu province, Ebola-related activities operations in the area were suspended after suspected ADF elements attacked and killed under unspecified circumstances six people, including one civil society leader.
Source: CIDRAP

08 August 2019: Update: Local authorities arrested three Congolese doctors over the killing of a Cameroonian WHO doctor in the town of Butembo (North Kivu) last April.
Source: BBC

06 August 2019: Near Lambo Katenga village, roughly 150km N of Kalemie, Tanganyika province, a group of 15 local Mai Mai militants ambushed the local Red Cross Committee’s president and other civilians. The perpetrators beat all the victims, tied them up, and robbed them of their valuables. Two civilians were injured. Source: AWSD

03 August 2019: Near Butembo, Palatalisa, North Kivu province, an unidentified armed group attacked Ebola Response Team convoy with firearms, damaging several vehicles. Source: ACLED

21 July 2019: In Vuhesi, North Kivu province, unidentified perpetrators set ablaze an Ebola Treatment Centre. Source: Africa News

17 July 2019: In Butembo North Kivu province, unidentified gunmen reportedly killed one Ebola health worker. Source: ACLED

15 July 2019: Near Isale, Beni district, North Kivu province, unidentified armed men reportedly attacked the house of a health worker, severely injuring the man's wife with machete and threatening the health worker. Source: ACLED

13-14 July 2019: In Mukulia village, North Kivu province, unidentified attackers killed two national Ebola health workers. The victims had been receiving threats since last December, and one had already been previous attacked on an unspecified date.
Sources: AWSD, Reuters, The New Humanitarian and VOA News