DR Congo

Attacks on Ebola Response 15 - 31 October 2019

Situation Report
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In Ituri and North-Kivu provinces, insecurity is limiting Ebola responders’ access, posing challenges for the Ebola health response. Less than five out of sixteen health facilities are operational in Luengba due to the presence of Mai-Mai militias. Newly confirmed cases appear to be concentrated in areas impacted by insecurity and lack of access.
Sources: WHO Situation Report, Radio Okapi I, Radio Okapi II and La Prunelle

Ituri province

7-13 October 2019: In the localities of Putsa and Yombe, Mambasa territory, local village chiefs reportedly menaced a team of Ebola responders with machetes. While no injuries were reported, the team withdrew from the area. Source: Radio Okapi 15-16 October 2019: In Mupanda et Bandikindu districts, Biakato city, a group of locals ransacked four health centres, destroying medical equipment related to Ebola. In one of the health centres, the centre manager was threatened with death, and was allegedly saved by the intervention of a member of the group, who argued that the manager was not part of the Ebola response. The targeting of Ebola medics and equipment occurred following rumours surrounding the death of a local at a medical centre. Thus far, six suspects have been arrested. Source:
Radio Okapi 17 October 2019: In the locality of Luengba, Mambasa territory, MaiMai militia attacked a health centre and set it on fire. Source: AWSD1 17-18 October 2019: In the locality of Luengba, Mambasa territory, armed men identified as Mai-Mai Mazembe reportedly ransacked a store containing supplies for Ebola patients and set it on fire. Sources:
Radio Okapi, Actualité, La Prunelle and AWSD1 19 October 2019: In the locality of Luengba, Mambasa territory, two buildings forming part of the general hospital of Lwemba were set fire to, along with vehicles and medical supplies. Although the perpetrators were unidentified, Mai-Mai militants had reportedly threatened the local Ebola response teams of an attack, and Lwemba is an area where the Ebola response has in recent weeks suffered repeated attacks by MaiMai militias. Sources: Radio Okapi, La Prunelle I and La Prunelle II


23 October 2019: In Kinshasa city, nearly three thousand public sector medics went on strike to demand the extension of risk premiums to all doctors in the DRC. Source: Radio Okapi

30 October 2019: In the municipality of Lingwala, Kinshasa city, the medical head of Vijana health centre was reportedly killed in a police car after being shot at point-blank by a police official. The police officer was subsequently arrested. Sources: 7sur7 I, 7sur7 II, Actualité I, Actualité II and Politico.

North Kivu province

15 October 2019: In Kivunano village, Beni territory, unidentified men destroyed hand-washing facilities belonging to the Ebola response. Sources: Kivu Security and AWSD1 17 October 2019: In Mangina town, a group of around twenty local construction workers engaged with the Ebola response burnt tyres in front of the entrance to the WHO base, in an apparent attempt to barricade it.
The workers were protesting the lack of payment for work that was carried out in September, an issue which they reportedly attempted to resolve pacifically to no avail. The workers announced that they shall be striking and threatened to remove the work for which they have not been paid if the issue is not resolved. Source: La


17 October 2019: In Maleki village, Beni territory, Mai-Mai Kyandenga destroyed a hand-washing station belonging to the Ebola response. Source: Kivu Security 28-29 October 2019: In the municipality of Vulamba, Butembo city, men armed with knives looted and set fire to Furahini health centre. The owner of the building was briefly held hostage by the perpetrators, who were reportedly demanding to be handed over money they believe the centre was receiving from the Ebola response. It is the second time within the space of a month that the health centre was subject to attack.
Source: Radio Moto

South Kivu province

15 October 2019: In Bukavu city, an industrial strike was declared by the medical personnel at the central prison. The medics claim their risk premiums are in arrears, and that the authorities are not providing the necessary medical supplies and equipment for the health service to function since the ICRC stopped supplying the prison in December 2018. Sources: Radio Okapi and 7sur7