DR Congo

Attacks on Ebola Response 1-15 November 2019

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Ituri province

02-03 November 2019: In Lwemba, an Ebola community outreach volunteer was fatally stabbed by suspected Mai-Mai militia. During the attack the victim’s wife was also injured and their house was burnt down.
Prior to his assassination the staff member had received death threats related to his work as a local radio journalist on Ebola response. Sources: Actualité I, Actualité II, Actualité III, AWSD1 , La Prunelle, L’Essentiel, Radio Opaki and WHO External Situation Report

10-11 November 2019: In Biakato village, a group of youths suspected to be affiliated with Mai-Mai militias attempted to attack the local Ebola treatment centre and to burn a WHO truck but were deterred by the intervention of the Congolese military. Sources: La Prunelle and Radio Opaki

Kasai Oriental province

06 November 2019: In Mbuji-Mayi city, around 700 health care providers demonstrated at the headquarters of the province’s governorate. The health care workers claim that their salaries and bonuses are in arrears by several months. Source: Radio Opaki

North Kivu province

November 2019: In Mulekera commune, Beni city, parts of the local community are resisting vaccination against Ebola and to be checked at Ebola centres despite the disease still being active within the community. Source: Radio Opaki

06 November 2019: In Matembe commune, Butembo city, the Vulamba health post was raided by unidentified gunmen looking for a nurse they accused of collaborating with Ebola response teams. Unable to find her, they stole money and destroyed hand-washing kits. Source: Kivu Security

06-07 November 2019: In Ngoyo village, near Mangina city, Beni territory, an unnamed health centre was attacked by suspected Mai-Mai militants who destroyed medical supplies before burning the facility down along with three near the centre. The health centre was participating in the Ebola response. Note: In June 2019, the health centre closed following threats by Mai-Mai militia for collaborating with the Ebola response teams. Sources: L’Interview, Congo France, 24hNewsRDC, Media Congo, Radio Moto, Radio Opaki and La Prunelle

09 November 2019: In Bulengera commune, Butembo city, several local head of units accused of attempting to block the work being carried out in the area by the Ebola response were removed from their positions. Source: Radio Moto

09 November 2019: In Butembo, members of the Ebola response in twelve health zones declared a threeday partial strike claiming that their salaries are in arrears by several months. On 13 November, the staff members went on a full strike after the issue was unresolved, resulting in the closure of services. Sources: Radio Opaki I, Radio Opaki II, Radio Opaki III, Actualité I, Actualité II, L’Essentiel, Les Volcans and Radio Moto

15 November 2019: In Oicha, Beni territory, recurrent armed incursions by Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebels near Oicha General Referral Hospital has raised fears of the possibility militants may attack the hospital and loot medical supplies. Source: L’Actualité

South Kivu province

November 2019: In Minembwe, Fizi-Itombwe territory, fighting and insecurity in the area has resulted in an influx of people, reportedly resulting in a “chaotic” health crisis due to the lack of medical and nutritional resources available to deal effectively with the movement. The medical director of Minembwe General Hospital has appealed to the health authorities and to international NGOs for urgent assistance. Source: La Prunelle

02-03 November 2019: In Chegerà Katana village, South Kivu province, a medical biotechnologist, serving as head of a local medical centre’s laboratory within Katana health zone, was shot to death at his home by unidentified armed perpetrators. His son was also severely injured in the attack. Source: L’Essentiel

North-East Congo

November 2019: Security issues and poor access continue to hinder response activities in unspecified health zones, preventing the Ebola response from detecting and responding appropriately to new cases in these areas. Source: WHO External Situation Report