DR Congo

Alarming report on troops' movement towards the East and North-East of the DR Congo

By Yulu Kabamba
MONUC received an alarming troops-movements report indicating the following facts:

- Troops-movements and imminent attack by RCD/Goma on Kanyabayonga, in Lubero, North Kivu, under RCD/K-ML control;

- the presence of four Congolese Army Forces battalions in the territory of Beni, under RCD/K-ML control;

- the presence of Rwandan troops in Ituri;

- the movements of Ugandan troops - two UDPF brigades - towards Mahagi, North of Bunia, near the border with Uganda;

- the presence of soldiers wearing Rwandan uniforms in the Kivus;

The Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General, Mr. Namanga Ngongi, pursues contacts with all the parties concerned with a view to getting an explanation to the report.

Mr. Ngongi appeals to all the parties involved to refrain from any attack, which, if it happened, would only contribute to aggravate the suffering of the Congolese people and be a serious affront to the International Community's effort aimed to bring the peace process to a successful conclusion.

In any case, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General also reminds to the parties concerned that they will be fully held responsible in case of the new outbreak of fights, consequently, in case all the deals concluded in the framework of the peace process should be undermined.