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Action Medeor is sending medical aid to the victims of the volcano eruption in Goma

News and Press Release
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On the weekend action medeor employees packed medication and equipment to be sent immediately to affected areas near Goma where lava flows have caused widespread destruction. 400.000 people have been displaced from one day to the next. Due to a lack of clean drinking water, the danger of outbreaks of dysentery and cholera is acute. People have resorted to drinking water from lake Kivu, which is tainted by lava and ashes.
The medicines from action medeor will be distributed quickly by partners working in the eastern part of the Congo. Included in the aid package are pain medications, antibiotics, lotions, bandaging and other materials.

Total value of the first aid deliveries is 85.000 Euro. Action medeor is asking for donations for the victims of this natural disaster under the term "Congo" .

Bank: Volksbank Krefeld, account number: 555 555 555, bank code: 320 60 362