ACT Alliance Full Appeal: Assistance to Internally Displaced People in Eastern DRC - COD121

from ACT Alliance
Published on 08 Jan 2013 View Original

Full Appeal Target: US$ 2,187,145

Balance Requested: US$ 1,302,644

Geneva, Tuesday, 08 January 2013

Dear Colleagues,

This appeal replaces the preliminary appeal issued on 11th December 2012.

Renewed fighting in DRC caused a population movement of more than one million people in North and South Kivu. In North Kivu alone, more than 950,000 people continue to be displaced. An estimated number of 460,000 people are also returning to their original places voluntarily.

The M231 rebels fighting the government closed in on Goma town on Monday 19th November 2012 and took over the town at mid-day 20th November 2012 putting to risk the population of Goma town (about 700,000 people) and the people in the surrounding areas.

On December 1, 2012, the M23 withdrew from Goma city to position themselves 20 km away, at Kibumba and Rutshuru waiting for negotiations with the government. The DRC government accuses the two neighbours, Rwanda and Uganda, of supporting the rebel activities inside DRC. So far, negotiations between the DRC government and the M23 have not resulted in any agreement on how to overcome the differences. The M23 have threatened they would re-occupy Goma if their points are not addressed.

The situation remains critical in Goma city and in the North Kivu territories of Rutshuru, Masisi and Walikale where other armed groups are active. These areas remain very insecure.

ACT members are undertaking a coordinated response to over 68 000 direct single beneficiaries at an estimated cost of US2,187,145 through short-term food assistance, food security and livelihoods support, child nutrition, psychosocial support to survivors of SGBV and war-related abuses, provision of essential non-food items and emergency school support. It is expected that the people assisted will recover and resume their normal livelihoods.