DR Congo

ACAPS Briefing Note: Displacement in Beni (29 November 2019)

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Crisis Impact Overview

  • A series of violent attacks against civilians in Beni city and Beni territory in North Kivu province in November has triggered mass displacement across the territory with an unconfirmed number of people fleeing to Beni city. The Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) are believed to have carried out the attacks, in retaliation for a military operation of the Congolese armed forces (FARDC) against armed groups in DRC’s northwest border region on 30 October.

  • In response to the attacks, residents in Beni began protesting the lack of protection on 22 November. On 25 November, demonstrators set the town hall on fire and attacked a camp of the UN mission MONUSCU. Several organisations have announced the evacuation of staff from Beni until calm is restored. An unconfirmed number of civilians has died in clashes with security forces. Civil unrest is ongoing. Limited access due to insecurity in Beni territory and violent protests in Beni city make it difficult to verify information on IDPs.

  • As of 29 November, verified information on the number and origin of IDPs hosted in the city of Beni is lacking. Detailed assessments are not available and there is very limited information on IDPs in Beni city and the specific humanitarian conditions and needs of displaced people. The city of Beni’s office for civil protection has recently called upon local leaders to identify IDPs hosted in Beni city to coordinate humanitarian assistance.

  • According to UNHCR, 2,560 people fled violence arrived in Beni on 18 November alone and about 275,00 people are estimated to be displaced in Beni territory. In addition to rural populations fleeing to Beni city from its vicinity, urban Beni residents are also affected by displacement as many have fled their homes due to a recent surge of attacks within the city.