10th IPC analysis round – Summary of findings: Acute food insecurity situation overview December 2013 – June 2014

from Integrated Food Security Phase Classification
Published on 27 Jan 2014 View Original

An ever persisting food insecurity ; armed conflicts still jeopardize the efforts of all food security stakeholders

Executive Summary:

According to the results of the 10th IPC analysis cycle of DRC (December 2013), the population in humanitarian IPC phases “3 and 4” is estimated at 6.7 million (i.e. 11% of the rural population). This figure shows an increase of 5% in comparison with the previous cycle of June 2013 which revealed that 6.4 million were facing acute food insecurity and livelihood crisis.

Phase 4: Unfortunately, it appears that despite a slight improvement in the situation in North Kivu, the number of regions affected by humanitarian emergencies has increased in comparison with that of June 2013. Populations in humanitarian phases are localized in five regions namely: Katanga (Manono, Mitwaba and Pweto territories), Maniema (Punia territory) and “Province Orientale” (the Eastern Province) (Sud Irumu territory). During the 9th cycle (June 2013), five territories were classified in phase 4 but only in two provinces: North Kivu (Rutshuru, Nyiragongo, Masisi, Walikale) and Katanga (Manono). Despite the precariousness of the food and nutritional situation, the aforementioned zones experience insecurity problems due to the activism of several armed groups.

Phase 3: However, we notice a relative reduction of the number of territories classified in crisis phase (phase 3) from June to December 2013. The number has shifted from 82 during the previous cycle to 68 for this cycle.

Unclassified: Nine territories could not be classified due to the lack of recent data. Six territories of them are in Equateur Province (Befale, Bongandanga, Djolu, Ikela, Lukolela and Monkoto), two territories in Kasaï Occidental (Dekese and Ilebo) and one in the territory of Kasaï Oriental (Kole). Most of these territories were classified in crisis phase during the previous cycle. Recent surveys undertaken reveal a deterioration of food security and nutrition indicators nearly throughout the whole DRC territory.