WFP DPR Korea Weekly Update: 27 Nov - 03 Dec 1999

Situation Report
Originally published
No change in access
Counties accessible: 163
No access: 49
Total counties: 211

The MOU for EMOP 5959.01 has been signed by both the FDRC and WFP. The MOU for the PRRO has been submitted to the FDRC for signature.

A high level Japanese delegation led by former Prime minister are currently in DPRK holding talks with government. It is reported that official talks will resume between the two governments possibly paving the way towards more food assistance.

Oxfam have advised the humanitarian community that they have decided to withdraw from DPRK in December. They report a lack of progress in programme implementation and the inability to assess impact. An official statement will be released.

Action Contre le Faim (ACF) have also indicated that they are considering withdrawing as the FDRC has informed them they may no longer work in North Hamyong.

The EU has informed that Triangle, a French NGO with confirmed EU funding are not getting promised visas.


Training and data input for the data base continues.

Final questionnaires on the informal survey of the situation of the elderly have been submitted. Results should be available next week.

In absence of regular monitoring officer, access to the CSB and biscuit factory was denied to replacement staff this week.


A series of First Aid courses for WFP staff began this week. The courses are being conducted jointly by the UN doctor and staff from the Friendship hospital. Courses are mandatory for WFP staff and open to the UN community.


The M/V Overseas Harriette docked at Nampo on 1 December. She is carrying 10,000 Mts. CSB & 6, 000 mt Rice from the United States. Cargo will be discharged at the ports of Nampo, Hungnam and Chongjin.