Tzu Chi Foundation held Food Relief Aid Distribution in North Korea

On November 11th, 40 Tzu Chi volunteers left for North Korea for 9 days relief operation in 4 prefectures. The volunteers planned to distribute more than 13,000 tons of rice, 350,000 liters of cooking oil and 43 tons of infant formula to benefit over 400,000 recipients equaling to 143,000 households in total. This time, volunteers will distribute the largest amount of aid items in one single relief operation which make the new record of Tzu Chi’s relief distribution history.

North Korea has been suffering the serious summer flooding and the extended winter season in these two years caused the poor harvest. In addition, years of reducing food aid from foreign countries. Thus North Korea is now facing the serious food shortages.

Dharma Master Cheng Yen, the founder of Tzu Chi foundation can’t bear to see the locals suffering. Therefore the foundation had sent the assessment teams twice to North Korea on each August and October. After the assessment, the volunteers started planning the relief operation.

This time, Tzu Chi volunteers estimated to distribute over 13,000 tons of rice, 350,000 liters of cooking oil and 43 tons of infant formula which set the new record of Tzu Chi relief aid quantities in one single distribution. In fact, Tzu Chi Foundation has begun the aid distribution in North Korea since 1997. Now volunteers still can’t bear to see the locals suffering and step into the country the 12th time for the aid distribution.

Though the time and space barriers in North Korea might cut off the foreign community, the determination of Tzu Chi volunteers’ would never stopped. The volunteers believe their warm hearts and the earnest relief operation could help to ease the chill winter in North Korea. To learn more about Tzu Chi Foundation, visit http://www.tzuchi.org/


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