Rep. of Korea: Gov't brings forward NK aid plans

The government plans to give humanitarian aid to North Korea at an earlier date than first proposed through various U.N. agencies, an official at the Ministry of Unification said on Thursday (March 20).

The ministry will hold consultations with U.N. agencies, including the World Food Program (WFP), to discuss the details of providing humanitarian aid to the North and implement the measures after reporting to the National Assembly.

Meanwhile, the government will provide 100,000 tons of corn worth $18 million to the North in the first half of the year through the WFP.

It will also help the World Health Organization engage in quarantine operations to prevent the outbreak of malaria in the North by providing $700,000 next month.

With a view to helping the children and impoverished people in North Korea, the government will also send $500,000 worth of goods to the North through the U.N. Children's Fund.


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