Operations to Recover from Flood Damage Makes Rapid Progress in Komdok Area

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Pyongyang, September 12 (KCNA) -- A brisk drive is now under way to recover from flood damage in the Komdok area of the DPRK and resume production there.

Tents and daily necessities provided by the Cabinet, ministries and national institutions and from across the country are being promptly supplied to inhabitants in the afflicted area and measures have been taken to give drinking water, fuel and materials for construction to bring their living to normal.

Power network and communication lines have been restored in the main and the Tanchon-Ripha railway was opened to service. Building lots for thousands of houses were designated and projects started. Rehabilitation of public buildings is making brisk headway.

A high-pitched drive is now under way to ensure the transport of goods for bringing inhabitants' living to normal and recovering from damage. Buildings and other structures severely destroyed by landslide and flood are being restored. Kilju County restored the destroyed roads for the operation of vehicles.

More than ten kilometers-long trunk roads and compound roads and some bridges were rehabilitated in Taehung and Komdok despite difficulties.

The Taehung Youth Hero Mine overhauled nearly 120 pieces of equipment including electric motors, winches and speed reducers. It cleared more than 2 000 cubic meters of muck and mud from production buildings and drainage canals. The Komdok Mining Complex overhauled more than 200 pieces of equipment including at least 20 electric motors and speed reducers while the Ryongyang Mine repaired and maintained excavators, electric cars and mine cars severely destroyed by landslide, repaired electric car lines and started the production of ores and light burned magnesia. Achievements in the recovery operations are being reported from the afflicted area thanks to sincere assistance from across the country.