North Korea Today No. 77 Jun 2007



Food Cost Continues to Inflate in North Hamgyung Province

Despite the several attempts from the government the food prices in the markets of the major cities are on the rise. Chungjin for instance, the price of rice was 970won per kilogram on the June 9th, but the cost has risen to 1,100won on the June 17th. Maize is still maintaining 470won per kilogram. While in Rasun (formerly known as Rajin-Sunbong) the price of rice was 1000won on the June 9th and risen to 1050won on the June 17th. Maize are on the prices between 450 - 470won. While little amount of rice was introduced back in the Onsung market only on the 11th. The rice was sold 930won per kilogram and maize was sold at 400won, but on the 17th, the price of rice showed slight increase to 950-970won maize. The North Korean government predicts the price of food will persist to rise unless there is foreign assistance.