North Korea Today No. 324 Special Edition January 2010

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[Hot Topics No. 324]

Rice Price Soaring by Hour, up to 150 NK Won

Merchants Stopped Selling due to Steep Price Hike

"Government is Waging a Silent Battle to Collect Merchants' Money."

"The Only Option is Full Collaboration with China," Central Party Official says

Rumor of another Currency Exchange Once Spread in Chungjin


With Hyperinflation, Daily Necessities Supply Plan in Urgent Need

[Hot Topics No. 324]

Rice Price Soaring by Hour, up to 150 NK Won

As the New Year begins, the prices are soaring up all across the country. On January 3, rice was traded at 90 NK won per Kg, and corn at 45 NK won per Kg in Soonchun Market. This is twice as much considering the rice price of 40-50 won and corn price 20-25 won on December 30. The inflation has been even more serious in Chungjin, North Hamgyong Province. On January 3, the rice price in Soonam Market in Chungjin was 110 won during the afternoon and suddenly jumped to 140 won in less than an hour. The prices continued to rise on the 6th. In Dangsang Market in Mankyong District, Pyongyang, the rise price went up to 120 won per kg and the corn price to 70 won. On the same day, the prices in Soonam Market in Chungjin broke the record high with rice at 150 won and corn at 75 won. As if in competition, the price of rice in Pyongyang also went up to 150 won on the 7th, the next day.

On 8th, the rice price in Chungjin dropped to 100 won in the afternoon and again to 50 won, but soon it soared up to 200 won. The fluctuation of prices is continuing as of January 9th.