North Korea Today No. 321 - Hot Topics Jan 2010

News and Press Release
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Nationwide Distribution of Goods Made in Kaesung Expected in March

The Central Party of DPRK plans to distribute South Korean goods made in Kaesung to state-run stores nationwide between January and March. At the same time, it will put a ban on all products currently traded in markets in major cities across the nation. Despite several crack-downs on banned items, private merchants and residents have secretly continued trade. The decision to distribute goods produced in Kaesung was made according to the policy: "Clear up the market and set a new inventory limited to state-provided products. The State will provide necessary items only through the state-run stores to meet the demand of the people." Following the decision, the Central Party reaffirmed the policy that it prohibits individuals from privately trading the same items supplied by the State.

Nationwide Teleconference to Discuss Measures "to Supply Goods to Residents"

On December 29, the Central Government held a teleconference with Party Committee in every province, city, and county. The participants were Party secretaries and managers of factories and companies in cities, counties and provinces. The agenda was "to discuss how to supply consumer goods to residents in the aftermath of the currency exchange." The action plan resulted from this meeting is to release goods in Pyongyang first and then distribute daily necessities nationwide. From January 2, residents must buy all products at fixed prices newly set by the State. As of January 3, they are busy preparing measures to curb the price hike in the market.