North Korea Today No. 319 - Hot Topics Dec 2009

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Musan Mine Distributed Whole Corns in December

Musan County Mine United Enterprise in North Hamgyong Province distributed food and paid wages for December to all of its public enterprise branches. An official at Musan County Mine United Enterprise said that the food and wages were provided to about 80% of the labor force as of the afternoon of December 20, and the provision will be made to the entire enterprises by the next day. For food, whole corns were distributed at 26 jeon (1/100 of won). The official said that he is required to investigate how the wages and food were actually distributed and report to the Provincial Party.

Only 1.5 tons of Corn per Jungbo Produced in Changtae-ri Farm, Hoeryong

This year's corn crop in Chantae-ri Farm in Hoeryong City, North Hamgyong Province, was reported to reach only 1.5 tons per Jungbo (2.45 acres). Rice and corn combined, the total yield was about 15 tons. The farm laborers said "We were lucky to have 15 tons." At high altitude, the mountainous farm is not the best location for farming, but the situation worsened this year. This fall, late crop potatoes were distributed instead of corns, and cash distribution would not be made at all.