North Korea Today No. 316 - Dec 2009

News and Press Release
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Official Government-set Prices Are Publicly Announced in the Markets

North Korean authorities publicly announced the official national prices in the markets. Contents of announcement are as follow: 22 to 23 won per Kg for rice, 8 won for corn, 12 won for crushed maize, 10 won for corn noodle, 22 won for flour, 9 to 13 won for tofu soy, 50 won for soy oil, 12 won for red bean, 10 Won for string bean, 21 to 22 won for potato starch, 15 to 18 won for millet, 45 won for pork, 50 won for chicken, 40 won for dog meat, 45 won for rabbit meat, 30 to 50 won for whiting fish, 35 to 45 won for sea bass (a set of 2), 50 to 100 won for clams, 60 to 100 won for Atka mackerel, 3 won for an egg, 30 to 40 won for dried pepper, 40 won for powdered-sugar (sugar), 3 won for a cake of tofu, 30 to 40 won for a fresh octopus, 3 won for cabbage, 5 won for radish, 35 to 45 won for a package of food seasoning, 300 to 550 won for a ready-made men's suit, 350 to 500 won for a ready-made women's dress, 200 to 300 won for men's underwear, 250 to 350 won for women's underwear, 35 won for a pair of men's jogging shoes, 30 won for a pair of women's shoes, 200 to 300 won for a pair of men's shoes, 250 to 400 won for a pair of women's shoes, 10 50 15 won for market fee, 0.5 won for bicycle storage at market.