North Korea Today No. 252 - Nov 2008

News and Press Release
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Farmers at Ryongpo-ri, City of Jungju Farms Sustain Themselves with Potatoes

Each person at farms in Ryongpo-ri, City of Jungju is rationed six potatoes, twice a day, and ten pieces of boiled chestnuts in between. This area, a rural village, is low in population density. There are only fifteen children in the nursery and kindergarten in the village altogether. Nowadays, only five to six children show up since lunch is no longer being served. Even the soldiers trying to collect chestnuts in the area look pitifully thin. The farmers in this area are waiting anxiously for their food rations even though they do not expect much.

Only Those Who Participated in the Mobilization Allowed to Collect Leftover Grain Ears

Shingye County, North Hwanghae Province restricts the residents from collecting leftover grain ears. Police authorities check persons hanging around near the farms and confiscate any grain ears found in their possession. Their rationale is that anyone who can find time pick up leftovers should spend more time in the farm mobilization. Anyone who desires to glean should register their names at the farm management commission. Only those who can prove to have worked on the farm are allowed to gather leftovers in the afternoon.

In a similar fashion, Booryong County, North Hamgyung Province issued instructions that the residents are allowed to search for remaining grain ears after their work at the farms. After these instructions, the workers deliberately dropped bundles of grain ears here and there during their work shifts so that they can claim to pick up the leftovers later.