North Korea Today No. 249 - Nov 2008

News and Press Release
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Casualties of Epidemic Hemorrhagic Fever Increasing in Jeungsan Re-education Center

Epidemic hemorrhagic fever has been going around and spreading at Jeungsan Reeducation Center located in South Pyongan Province from last October 15. As of October 20, 8 people have died of this disease and 20 people have fallen into comatose state, suffering from a high fever of 39 degrees.

Re-education center has isolated the people with the symptoms to the bedrooms used for agricultural work. However, there has not been suitable medicine to treat these patients so far and only thing they can do right now is to prevent the spread of the disease. Even with the effort to stop spreading, the number of patients keeps growing and they have come to realize they cannot resolve this matter by themselves and have asked for help.

On October 21st, medical teams organized with students of South Pyongan Medical University have come and started treatment. Because of this epidemic disease, pork and other food items routed to the Rear supporting bureau has been completely banned.