North Korea Today No. 236 - Oct 2008

News and Press Release
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Members of Hamheung DWU, Making Daily Earning by Stealing Pure Grain from the Mobilization

Members of the DWU in the Yeokjeon-dong office of Seongchun river District, Hamheung city of South Hamgyong Province make daily meals by stealing cereals while they work for fall mobilization. As the number of DWU who steal pure grain increases, it is reported to the upper party that there is serious damage on the cereal crops due to thieves. The party warned, "members of DWU who stole the farm produce will be punished strictly by the law regardless of reasons."

Examination on a Venereal Disease in the Pohang District of Chungjin City

In Namgang 1-dong and 2-dong of Pohang District of Chungjin City, North Hamgyong Province, there was an examination on a venereal disease. An inspection team consist of doctors in hospitals of Provincial Medical School and Pohang District went door to door from 6 a.m. and tested whether any residents have syphilis or not.

This checkup is planned to limit the spread of contagious venereal diseases. Several syphilitics were found at Namgang 1-dong and are under treatment. People related to these patients are also hospitalized and tested for the venereal disease. North Hamgyong Province reported this result to the central party and warned for the possibilities that other regions might have the same situation.

Sharp Increase of Patients with Contagious Diseases in Military Unit in Pyongwon County

On last October 3, 24 soldiers with tubercle, pleurisy and hepatitis were hospitalized in the military unit of Pyongwon County, South Pyongan Province. Soldiers who stayed longer than six months were discharged from military service and sent back home because it is thought that their diseases are difficult to cure. The hospital is overcrowded with patients. A room for 15 patients is accommodating over 40 patients. Strong ones took the bed and weak ones lie on the floor with a blanket.

Every morning patients with tubercle receive 5 pills of isoniazid which is a tubercle preventive medicine but effectiveness is unknown because of serious malnutrition. About seven people per month die from hemoptysis caused by tubercle or from severe high fever in this hospital. On the other hand, patients with other diseases receive first-aid medicine such as streptomycin from their own family, or they give money to doctors and receive medicines.