North Korea Today No. 230 - Oct 2008

News and Press Release
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Instructions on Taking the Accurate Census of the Population on October 1

On October 1, every city and county in the nation received from the Central Party instructions on taking accurate census of the population. Thus began the national census project in full swing. Statistical data are collected in detail by gender, age, educational level, labor party membership, membership of Socialist Working Youth League, place of employment and rank. It is reported that this census project started at the request of United Nations.

North Hamgyong Province Starts Food Rationing From October

Since beginning of October, North Hamgyong Province started rationing food supply in various regions of the province. North Hamgyong Province received whole corn and wheat through the port of Chungjin and distributed them to the laborers and soldiers mobilized to the road construction for Baekdu Mountain tourism and also to orphanages in the cities and counties.

North Hamgyong Province Calls a Plenary Meeting to Discuss "How to Do Fall Harvest Well"

Provincial Party of North Hamgyong Province instructed all the city and county parties in the province to call plenary meetings by October 6. They were to discuss the general mobilization for the fall harvest that started October 1 and the various methods handed down from the higher party line. In response, all the city and county parties called plenary meetings and had discussions of the major topic from the top: "It is important to manage farming well at this time of food crisis, but it is more important to manage the fall harvest well."

City party of Chungjin declared at the plenary meeting, "Factories, public enterprises, Dong offices, Women's Unions, educational institutions should all participate fully in the fall harvest activities and prepare compost for the next year's farming. Fertilizer supply is expected to be less than favorable next year and consequently, every workers and women's unionist should prepare 30 kg of compost during this mobilization period. Physicians in the health care sector are to participate in the harvest on Sundays only and opening of market is to be delayed from two to four P.M. so that everyone can participate in the morning in the general mobilization."