North Korea Today No. 195 - Aug 2008


Working To Prevent Flood Damage

In July and August, Kaesong and its suburban farming villages had unexpected damage caused by floods and torrential rainstorms. The local party organized and sent 'prevention team for flood damage' to the City Management Department of every City and County People's Assembly. They ordered that cities should repair railroads, bridges, and levees that have the possibility of damaging the farming areas and cities, and to rebuild banks if there are any problems. If any district does not follow this directive, they will punish the people in charge immediately.

Pyongyang Gives Aid to Restore Flood Damage of Kaesong

Pyongyang has mobilized workers of factories and enterprises to restore the flood damaged areas of Kaesong. Pyongyang has also given 300 tons of cement produced by Sangwon Cement Factory of Sangwon district as part of the rebuilding effort. On the other hand, this heavy rain in Kaesong destroyed cornfields, so it will be impossible to harvest corn in Kaesong and its surrounding farming villages such as Kaepoong County. They plowed over the flooded paddy fields and cornfields and planted vegetables such as Korean cabbage and daikon in order to make the most of the situation.