New Economic Policies of DPRK (North Korea), and Reconciliation Strategies between DPRK and USA

News and Press Release
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Call for Papers

The 2nd Annual Reconciliation Forum International
The 10th Washington North Korea Roundtable

Hosted by The Institute for Strategic Reconciliation, Inc.

June 7 - 8, 2001
The Capitol, Washington, D.C.

The Institute for Strategic Reconciliation (ISR), a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, independent think tank, will hold the 2nd Reconciliation Forum International in the Capitol, Washington, D.C. as we celebrate the 10th Washington North Korea Roundtable. Forum and Roundtable both are the Meeting Place of all who are concerned about peace and reconciliation in the Korean Peninsula. (See http://www.ISR2020.org for details of the Washington North Korea Roundtable.)

The ISR seeks proposals for panels and papers to be presented in this 2-day forum where top thinkers on DPR Korea will be speaking. Among others, we welcome proposals on the following themes.

  • Rehabilitation of Public Health Sector in DPRK
  • Challenges and Opportunities of Micro-credit Programs in DPRK
  • New Economic Policies of DPRK and Collaboration with International Financial Institutions
  • Opportunities of Enterprise Ventures in DPRK
  • Evaluation and Prospects of Reconciliation Initiatives between USA and DPRK
  • Understanding Negotiations with DPRK
  • MIAs from the Korean War
  • Families Separated between DPRK and USA
  • Approaches to Rehabilitating Energy Resources in DPRK
  • Public Opinion about and in DPRK
The deadline for the abstract submissions is April 30, 2001. The final decision about the program will be made by early May. If your proposal is accepted we will expect the full text by May 18, 2001.

Your proposal should include an abstract describing the paper along with complete information on the authors (mailing address, e-mail and telephone number for each author). The abstract should not exceed 500 words.

Please send your panel or paper proposal by April 30, 2001 via:

Fax: 301 570 0911
e-mail: ISR@ureach.com
or by mail to:
The Institute for Strategic Reconciliation
Forum Committee Chair Asaph Young Chun
18510 Shadowridge Terrace
Olney, MD 20832

Since June, 1998, the ISR has hosted the nine Roundtables on North Korea. (See UN World Food Programme's website http://www.reliefweb.int, or ISR website http://www.isr2020.org) with highly distinguished speakers from think tanks, United Nations, governments, and non-governmental organizations. All together, about 40 highly-profiled speakers have shared their views with hundreds of experts on Korea. The participants represented non-governmental organizations, think tanks, academic institutions, governments, and business community.

The speakers in the Washington North Korea Roundtable, several of them who are expected to rejoin this year the invited sessions in the 2nd Reconciliation Forum International, were:

  • Milton Amayun (Vice President, International Aid)
  • M. Aslam Aziz (Minister Counselor of Development Affairs, European Union)
  • Asaph Young Chun (President, Institute for Strategic Reconciliation, Inc.)
  • Patrick Cronin (Director of Research and Studies, US Institute of Peace)
  • Bruce Cumings (Norman and Edna Freehling Professor of International History and East Asian Political Economy, University of Chicago)
  • Donald P. Gregg (Chairman, The Korea Society and former US Ambassador to South Korea)
  • Mark Kirk (Counsel, Committee on International Relations, US House of Representatives)
  • John Merill (Korea Analyst, US Department of State)
  • John B. Mulligan (Director of Project Operations, Korean Peninsula Energy Devlopment Organization)
  • Andrew Natsios (Senior Fellow, U.S. Institute of Peace)
  • Kathleen Newland (Senior Associate of International Migration Policy Program, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)
  • Richard Ragan (Director for DHH, National Security Council)
  • Ed Reed (Country Director for North Korea, World Vision)
  • Joseph Scalise (Director, UN World Food Programme Washington Office)
  • David Shear (Deputy Director of the Office of the Korean Affairs, US Department of State)
  • Mike Spirtas (Senior Fellow & Director of Foreign Policy Program, Center for National Policy)
  • Stephen Szabo (Professor of European Studies, SAIS, Johns Hopkins University)
  • Joelle Tanguy (Executive Director, Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders)
  • Marc Vogellar (Director of the Public and External Promotion and Support, The Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization (KEDO)
  • Young-Kwan Yoon (Professor, International Political Economy, Seoul National University)
  • Philip W. Yun (Senior Advisor to the Assistant Secretary of State Stanley O. Roth, and Washington liaison and staff representative for former Secretary of Defense Dr. William Perry, Special Advisor to the President for North Korea Policy)
Reconciliation Forum Program Committee
  • Syngman Rhee, Professor, President of Presbyterian Churches of USA, and former President of National Council of Christian Churches of USA
  • Asaph Young Chun, Social Psychologist, and former Behavioral Research Scientist of the US Department of Labor
  • Soon Paik, Economist, US Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Young-Kwan Yoon, Professor, International Political Economy, Seoul National University