Humanitarian aid with strings attached not welcome, says North

from JoongAng Daily
Published on 16 Dec 2002
North Korea announced Monday that it would refuse humanitarian aid with political conditions attached.

"The U.S. and its followers' schemes to manipulate humanitarian aids for political purpose is getting worse everyday," the spokesman said in his interview with local Korean Central News Agency. "We actively welcome the efforts of international agencies and other donor nations' attempt to assist us but we would never yield to aids with political conditions attached."

"Last month on November 19, UN released a statement that called for further cooperation to our nation's lack of food and other daily necessities for year 2003. World Food Program and other nations agreed to consider their options positively save the United States that continue to obstruct the process by pointing out to nonexistent threats like conversion of food aid for military, great numbers of starving North Korean defectors and drug trafficking," he said.

"Japan and other subordinate forces of the United States too are increasing their pressure against us by linking humanitarian aids with numerous political issues like nuclear program and normalization of ties," the spokesman added.

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