Hanawon holds an opening ceremony of a prep school for young North Korean refugees

from Government of the Republic of Korea
Published on 25 Oct 2011 View Original

Posted on Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The MOU New
Date: Thursday, October 20, 2011
Location: Anseong, Gyeong-gi Province

On October 20, Hanawon (Resettlement Center for North Korean Refugees) held an opening ceremony of the Prep School for North Korean Refugees. About 100 people from the Ministry of Education, the Korean Education Development Institute (KEDI) and MOU affiliated institutions gathered to celebrate the opening of a new prep school at Hanawon.

Hanawon ran a special school for North Korean refugees under the name of Hana-dul School Special School, but the Ministry of Unification recently acknowledged the need to change the name from “Hana-dul Special School” to “ Hana-dul Prep School.” The Ministry not only reopened the school under a new name, but also improved the quality of the education system and school facilities according to the the Act on Protection and Settlement Support of Residents Escaping from North Korea.

A total of 110 North Korean refugee students are enrolled in school as of today and 17 teachers are supervising the students. Hanawon is making every effort to create effective customized educational programs, increase the total budget for North Korean refugees’ education and advance the quality of school facilities. The new prep school is expected to promote successful resettlement of North Korean refugees and their smooth and effective assimilation into South Korean society.