GIEWS Country Brief: Democratic People's Republic of Korea 21-May-2010



- Outlook for the 2010 minor wheat crop uncertain

- Despite good weather reduced cereal harvest gathered in 2009

- Cereal import requirements for 2009/10 (Nov/Oct) marketing year remain high but very little imports sourced so far only Chronic food insecurity continues throughout the country

The 2010 winter wheat season delayed due to cold weather

Unusually cold temperatures in the month of April, coupled with heavy rains may delay development of the winter wheat crop and may result in yield reduction. Typically a very short time window is available as transplanting of the main season paddy crop needs to be carried out around mid-June shortly after harvesting of wheat. Delayed season may mean either reduction in planting of paddy or abandoning the wheat crop. However, wheat accounts for only about 3 to 5 percent of the annual total cereal harvest.