DPRK Annual Appeal No. 01.68/2004 Programme Update No. 3

Situation Report
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In Brief

Appeal No. 01.68/2004; Programme Update no. 03, Period covered: July to September 2004; Appeal coverage: 71.7%; Outstanding needs: CHF 4,040,761.73 (USD 3,481,615 or EUR 2,634,394).

Appeal target: CHF 14,278,310 (USD 12,302,525 or EUR 9,308,811) Related Emergency or Annual Appeals: Appeal 2004 (01.68/04) Programme summary:

This programme update covers the third quarter of 2004, reporting on the progress made by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) Red Cross and the Federation during the months of July, August and September. The DPRK Red Cross and the Federation's health and care, water and sanitation, disaster management and organisational development (OD) programmes are more or less progressing according to plan. Several review teams were in DPRK over the reporting period to measure progress made in the DPRK Red Cross activities, and results from these visits for the most part were quite positive. Although progress in meeting the expected results for the OD programme is slightly behind target, the distribution of health kits to medical institutions will surpass the original appeal target because of an in-kind donation.

Operational developments

Periods of severe rain in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) over the past three months did not culminate in any serious disasters. Although the rains had a negative impact on the maize harvest, the rice harvest appears to be a little better than last year. Despite some reported landslides and floods in the southern province, damage caused by the flooding did not necessitate the use of the society's disaster preparedness (DP) stocks and implementation of the programmes has continued more or less according to schedule.

On 15 September, the country's Flood and Disaster Relief Commission (FDRC) announced that after nine years of receiving humanitarian assistance, the DPRK government would not participate in the United Nation's Consolidated Appeal Process (CAP). The DPRK government favours continued aid focused on capacity building and technical support with less monitoring and expatriates in the field, and will most likely refuse permission for NGOs with programmes that have demonstrated little impact to operate in the country. An interagency mission visited the country during the 3rd week of October to discuss the consequences with the government.

The DPRK Red Cross is also discussing the issue with the government since these measures will have repercussions on the work of the DPRK Red Cross, but as of yet it is unclear to what extent.

Health and Care

Overall goal: To preserve lives and promote the well being of vulnerable populations, including children and women, in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Programme objective: The health and well being of vulnerable people in 65 cities/counties of five provinces (North Phyongan, South Phyongan, Jagang, North Hwanghae and South Hamgyong) are improved.


This summary reports against the indicators set forth in the 2004 Appeal, which were selected to measure the progress of the Federation's 2004 health and care programme.

Drug and equipment distribution


The DPRK Red Cross (DPRK RC) and the Federation continue to ensure the timely and quality distribution of medical supplies to targeted health institutions in 50 cities/counties of four provinces (North Phyongan, South Phyongan, Jagang, and North Hwanghae), and conducted monitoring trips to 40 health institutions covered by the programme.

Over the third quarter, the Federation expanded its operational area to one more province, South Hamgyong, and health facilities in this province began receiving Federation supported medical items.

For further information specifically related to this operation please contact:

- Kim Sok Chol, Secretary General, Red Cross Society of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, phone +85023818986, fax +85023813490.

- Jaap Timmer, head of delegation, ifrckp02@ifrc.org, phone+85023814350, fax +85023813490.

- Satoshi Sugai, Asia Pacific department, sugai.satoshi@ifrc.org, phone+41227304273, fax +41227330395

This Programme Update reflects activities to be implemented over a one-year period. This forms part of, and is based on, longer-term, multi-year planning (refer below to access the detailed logframe documents). All International Federation assistance seeks to adhere to the Code of Conduct and is committed to the Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Disaster Response in delivering assistance to the most vulnerable. For support to or for further information concerning Federation programmes or operations in this or other countries, or for a full description of the national society profile, please access the Federation's website at http://www.ifrc.org

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