DPR Korea: Funding Support Plan No. MAAKP002 Programme Update No. 2


This report covers the period 01 July 2008 - 31 December 2008.

In brief

Programme purpose:

The purpose of the International Federation programmes in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) is to support the DPRK Red Cross Society to provide humanitarian support to more than eight million people in need of health services, safe water and sanitation systems, reduced exposure to national disasters such as floods and landslides through increased disaster management systems and further development of the DPRK Red Cross Society's institutional capacity.

Programme summary:

The DPRK Red Cross Society adopted revised Statutes during its four-yearly national congress on 29-30 October 2008, and has now a legal framework of international standards. The congress also adopted a revised Strategic Plan 2012, including updated policies for disaster management, health, volunteers, youth and gender. The International Federation has, in the last six months of food aid in the DPRK coordinated by the United Nations (UN) and five US non-governmental organizations, successfully sustained uninterrupted support in the health sector, drug distribution and health education to community-based health practitioners,with renewed access to clinics in Unsan county (closed since 2005). The priority is to prevent as possible further malnutrition among vulnerable groups. This effort was made possible thanks to timely supplementary support this year from cooperation agreement strategy (CAS) partners which is hoped to continue in 2009. The International Federation has conducted the fourth round of qualitative reviews of water and sanitation interventions with a positive outcome. Out of 20 four-year old installations reviewed, 18 are still fully functional, well maintained and kept by the communities while two others replaced some malfunctioning equipment. To further inform and improve the disaster management programme in the next in 2009-2010, a comprehensive disaster management review was carried out in this reporting period, led by the senior CAS advisor on disaster management from the Danish Red Cross and supported by a gender consultant from the Australian Red Cross.

A comprehensive disaster management review, including a reforestation component carried out earlier in the year by a technical expert, has recognized the achievements of the projects carried out while redirecting the Federation strategy towards further community intervention for tree planting in the next two years. The International Federation and DPRK Red Cross have agreed to extend the missions of three of its international staff including the head of country office, health coordinator and water and sanitation expert, as well as welcomed a new programme coordinator seconded by Norwegian Red Cross. Technical support made available to the national society has been reinforced by a disaster management/logistics expert.

Financial situation:

The total 2008 budget is revised to CHF 11,359,686 (USD 9.85 million or EUR 7.18 million, of which 84 per cent is covered. Expenditure from January to October 2008 against income was 61 per cent. The budget was revised down slightly across all programmes to better address the minor finding gaps and progress of programmes to date.

No. of people we help: approximately 8.25 million beneficiaries

Our partners:

Partners of the cooperation agreement strategy (CAS) are the Australian, Canadian, Danish, Finnish, German, Netherlands, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish Red Cross societies. Other partners include the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), World Food Programme (WFP), United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), European Commission's Humanitarian Aid Office (ECHO) and other organizations and international representations in the DPRK.

The International Federation, on behalf of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea Red Cross Society, would like to thank the abovementioned partners for their generous support.