Democratic People's Republic of Korea: Floods, DREF operation n° MDRKP004

Situation Report
Originally published


Summary: Heavy rains since early July have resulted in floods throughout DPRK, affecting nine provinces and causing damage to infrastructure and livelihoods. At least 88 deaths were reported as of 30 July, with 134 people injured and 50 others missing. To date, a total of 62,889 people have been affected by the floods, with 3,589 houses destroyed, 3,236 houses damaged, and 12,031 houses submerged.

DPRK Red Cross, with IFRC’s support, immediately responded to the disaster in assessments, relief distributions, evacuations and first aid services. The National Society mobilized up to 2,740 Red Cross volunteers at community level to assist the affected communities, and has already distributed family kits in the affected areas through its disaster preparedness stocks, reaching up to 6,610 families (29,950 people) as of 30 July. This operation seeks to replenish some of the distributed materials in preparation for further needs.

This operation is expected to be implemented over three months, and will therefore be completed by 30 October 2012; a Final Report will be made available three months after the end of the operation, by 31 January 2013.