Democratic People’s Republic of Korea: Floods DREF operation n° MDRKP007

Situation Report
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A. Situation analysis

Description of Disaster

Torrential rains have caused floods in several Ri-s (villages) and in the outskirts of cities of south Hwanghae and north and south Hamgyong provinces of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) between 1st and 5th August 2015. In a short span of time, 180 mm to 330 mm rain was recorded in Toksong, Kimchaek, Kilju, Myongchon and Byoksong counties. Hard on the heels of severe drought (reportedly the worst in a century), dry rivers, estuaries, canals could not drain the huge volume of water and overflowed causing floods in settlements, cultivated areas and the destruction of properties and infrastructure. In hilly areas, the strong flow of water washed away houses. The lack of an effective early warning system in the affected Ri-s contributed to delayed response and evacuation, and led to increased loss of life, injuries and damage to houses and infrastructure.

According to the State Committee on Emergency and Disaster Management (SCEDM), the Government of DPRK and DPRK Red Cross Society (RCS), the floods affected 3,541 people, claimed 24 lives and 9 people are reported missing in more than 20 affected cities/counties. The number of affected people is likely to rise as it is feared that people are still isolated in remote sites with poor communications. The DPRK RCS local branches will continue to support the local authorities to conduct evacuation of people to safer places. The floods have destroyed 714 houses and further damaged 276 houses. In addition, 4,011 hectares of crops, 4,930 m2 of roads, 632 m of bridges, 1,976 m2 of railway tracks and 5 km of water supply canals were damaged by the floods. A DMIS report was issued on 7 August by the DPRK RCS and a news story was issued on 12 August by IFRC.