Concern responds to severe floods in South Pyongan province, DPRK (North Korea)

News and Press Release
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Recent floods in the South Pyongnan Province of DPRK have left 88 people dead with 111 people reported missing. 1,500 people have had their homes destroyed. Crops are severely damaged.

Concern is the main aid agency working in the area and is setting up an immediate response.

1500 people without secure residence will be re-housed in newly constructed dwellings not vulnerable to future flooding

1080 households have lost their present dwellings due to the recent unusually intense rainfall. They are presently being housed in neighbouring villages. Dokchon FDRC proposes to re-house these families in areas that are not vulnerable to flooding in future. Unfortunately, due to the present economic situation in DPRK, Government is not able to provide materials for construction of these dwellings. Dokchon FDRC has requested that Concern assist in material provision for the construction of these houses. The other alternative is that each village affected is left with the burden of re-housing and reconstruction without access to adequate physical inputs.

Over the coming months Concern will help provide 300 new homes, with suitable sanitation and clean water supply to 1,500 people . The Concern team will also help people whose corps have been lost or damaged. The cost of this project is approximately €77,000.