Canada provides emergency food aid to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

The Government of Canada has responded to a World Food Programme appeal for emergency food aid by committing $2 million to provide much-needed food to individual North Koreans. Flooding in August 2007 and successive poor harvests, compounded by increasing prices for staple foods, have contributed to the largest food gap for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea since 2001.

With Canada's support, the World Food Programme will help improve the health and physical security of the most vulnerable populations of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea by:

1. providing food to primary school children and elderly people, and

2. organizing community development and mother and child health and nutrition activities. These activities will help recover the livelihoods of those affected by the severe flooding.

The World Food Programme remains Canada's largest humanitarian partner. The Canadian International Development Agency was the World Food Programme's third largest contributor in 2007, and will continue to be a top donor in 2008.

The World Food Programme does not provide funds to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea government, nor to North Korean government entities or projects.