Blankets, clothing to help North Koreans survive the winter

FHI will be sending blankets, warm clothing and medical supplies to needy people in North Korea this winter.
Via a long-time North Korean partner agency,FHI will initially distribute blankets to young children enrolled in day care facilities. Other distributions will follow as resources become available.

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) estimates that 6.4 million people (over 20% of the population) are at risk this winter. Those most likely to fall ill or die are children under age five, nursing mothers and the elderly.

Political tensions over North Korea's nuclear weapons programme have resulted in cuts in food aid and fuel shipments from other nations. The cutbacks come on the heels of nearly a decade of crop failures due to drought and flooding, which left North Korea's poor even more vulnerable.

For information on donations to FHI's North Korea efforts, contact the partner office nearest you.