Assistance to North Korea winterization

The Republic of Korea National Red Cross (KNRC) completed the dispatch of thermal underwear to North Korea by sending the last shipment of 701,500 sets on 15 January 2003.
The fist shipment of 941,500 sets was sent to the North on 18 December followed by the second of 240,000 sets on 26 December 2002. Since last December, the total volume of sets/garments of thermal underwear sent to the North was 1,883,000 sets valued at approximately 7.8 million US dollars.

In November 2002, the KNRC jointly launched this project with the Interim Committee for Thermal Underwear to North Korea, composed of 12 representatives from NGOs and religious groups. This appeal was to help the vulnerable in the North who would otherwise suffer from severe winter cold. Fundraising activity lasted for one month from 12 November to December 11, and took place at a time when the national and international political climate surrounding the Korean Peninsula became tense due to nuclear issues related to North Korea.

For this project, the Government and private companies made significant contributions to meet the needs of the project.