70 percent of North Koreans refugees had family member starve

A survey by a South Korean nongovernmental organization shows that more than 70 percent of North Korean refugees in northeastern China had at least one immediate family member die of starvation.

The survey, conducted by the Commission to Help North Korean Refugees, shows that less than ten-percent of the refugees had received food aid before they fled North Korea.

It says more than 100,000 North Korean refugees are believed to have crossed the North Korean border into northeastern China.

The survey was conducted from October to early December and is based on interviews with 2,193 North Korean refugees who crossed into China to escape hardship in their homeland.

Six members of the South Korean group are currently in Geneva to deliver 2.5 million signatures to the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees to halt forced repatriation of the refugees in China.

=A9 1999 Australian Broadcasting Corporation


Australian Broadcasting Corporation