Venezuela sent 1,867 tons of humanitarian aid to Cuba, Haiti

from Government of Venezuela
Published on 04 Dec 2012 View Original

Caracas, 04 Dic. AVN.- A total 1,867 tons of humanitarian aid has been sent by Venezuela to sister nations of Cuba and Haiti, which are recovering after the devastation caused by hurricane Sandy late in October this year.

Interior Relations and Justice Minister Nestor Reverol said the information Monday, adding that a new shipment would be sent with 380 tons of humanitarian aid for the two nations, 200 for Cuba and 180 for Haiti.

"In the framework of international cooperation on behalf of our government, headed by President Hugo Chavez, who characterizes for being deeply humanist, with a strong sense of solidarity with all sister nations, there has been decided to continue a sustained humanitarian aid with these sister nations," Reverol said.

In this opportunity, besides non-perishable foods, fresh water, medical-surgical material and machinery to remove rubbles from main roads, the Bolivarian Government also sends 250,000 kits of school material, "since there were affected over 1,400 schools in the two countries."

In turn, Cuba's ambassador to Venezuela Rogelio Polanco thank the Venezuelan people for maintaining the aid systematically.

"A significant part of the electrical system and communications, as well as educational facilities, have began to be restored. We still have some difficulty with over 145,000 affected houses, as well as roads and infrastructure. So, this aid means a crucial contribution from a material point of view to continue recovering our country," Polanco thanked.

Rogelio Polanco also emphasized the praiseworthy labor carried out by the international squad of humanitarian aid Simon Bolivar, made up by over a hundred of Venezuelans, who "help directly to restore the situation in the country."