Urgent appeal for Cuba: Help MADRE deliver emergency aid to women and families devastated by Hurricane Dennis

Hurricane Dennis has killed at least 16 people in Cuba and destroyed 150,000 homes and buildings, causing over $1.5 billion worth of damage. In two communities in Granma Province, 90 percent of the homes were destroyed.

MADRE is working to send emergency aid to women and families who have been devastated by the storm. We need your help to cover the cost of shipping an emergency supply of anti-parasite medicines, which will help treat and prevent infections associated with the destruction of sewage and water treatment plants. The medicines will be distributed by the Cuban Red Cross.

Cuban doctors and other health workers are struggling to respond to the crisis. Their efforts to save lives and treat injuries and illnesses caused by the storm are badly hampered by the Bush Administration's decision to tighten the US embargo, which denies Cuba access to critical medications and medical supplies. In the wake of the hurricane, the Administration has done nothing to ease its policies, which severely limit the amount of money and humanitarian aid that Cubans and Cuban-Americans can send to their families in Cuba. This prevents those who have been hurt by the hurricane from receiving critical support.

Please help MADRE bring emergency relief to women and families in Cuba. Click here to make a tax-deductible contribution to MADRE's Cuba Hurricane Relief Fund.