Response to Hurricane Matthew: Cuba Situation Report No. 3 Office of the Resident Coordinator (5.10.2016)

Situation Report
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  • The powerful Hurricane Matthew directly impacted Cuba during eight hours from late afternoon on October 4th until the early morning of October 5th, with a strength of category 4 hurricane according to the Saffir-Simpson scale.

  • Currently the hurricane is still affecting the central and eastern provinces, causing strong rainfall. Winds are reaching tropical-storm force and gusts could even be stronger.

  • No casualties have been reported.

  • Severe socioeconomic damage has been reported in the provinces of Guantánamo and Holguín, the most affected by Hurricane Matthew. Nearly 90 % of the houses in Baracoa have been damaged.

  • Five municipalities in the province of Guantánamo remain isolated.

  • The Cuban Civil Defense has started assessing damage and needs.

1,079,000 people affected

176,000 people isolated in the province of Guantánamo

5,560 health units are ready for the response