Response to Hurricane Matthew: Cuba Situation Report No. 25 Office of the Resident Coordinator (February 2nd, 2017)

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  • More than 2,500 electricity pylons, 300 power transformers and 884 kilometers of electricity grids were replaced in houses and public institutions to repair damages caused by the Hurricane.

  • More than 300 educational centers were affected in Guantánamo province, 25 were completely destroyed.

  • After the passing of the Hurricane, temporary school facilities were created in houses of 220 families.

  • In Baracoa municipality, the recovery phase has been delayed due to permanent rainfalls.

  • Protected marine ecosystems of Maisí municipality were seriously damaged and will need a special assistance from environmental authorities.

Situation Overview

Main emergency response priorities for affected municipalities after the passing of Hurricane Matthew are still the recovery in housing and education sectors and the reestablishment of roads. In the agricultural sector, progress has been achieved in the recovery of coffee, cacao and coconut crops, which will take from two to five years, by creating nurseries for sapling.

The recovery of fully destroyed houses is moving slower than the rehabilitation of houses that lost their ceilings, due to the increased demand of resources, according to local authorities. The creation of several temporary facilities to shelter people who lost their houses is another measure taken to benefit affected people.

In Baracoa municipality, work is underway to recover touristic facilities destroyed, since tourism is a significant source of income for the population and their communities. The restarting of local sawmills allows processing wood for rebuilding works.