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CWS Emergency Response Program Situation Report: Hurricane Dennis 11 Jul 2005

SITUATION: Recovery efforts are under way in the aftermath of Hurricane Dennis, the weekend storm which affected Cuba, Haiti, other portions of the Caribbean and the southeastern United States.

There are no final fatality figures in the Caribbean, but preliminary figures indicate that 21 people were killed, 11 in Haiti.

The storm caused extensive damage in Cuba, including the provinces of Granma, Santiago de Cuba, Sancti Spiritu, Cien Fuegos and Villa Clara. In Haiti, the storm damaged crops and homes primarily in the southern coastal sections of the country, according to reports, though its effects were nowhere as severe as the damage caused by Hurricane Jeanne.

In the United States, the storm drenched US costal areas - the Florida Panhandle and Alabama in particular - that were affected by hurricanes in 2004; by the time it hit the U.S., it had been downgraded to a Category Three hurricane. However, the storm continues a path up the Mississippi Valley and threatens a large area with rain and potential flooding.

CWS RESPONSE: In the Caribbean, CWS International Response Liaison Don Tatlock is in contact with Church World Service partners in Cuba and Haiti about their assessments and potential responses. Tatlock may travel to the region to work with partners if necessary.

In the United States, CWS Disaster Response and Recovery Liaisons (DRRLs) are preparing to work with inter-faith groups in the region in their relief and recovery work. CWS expects to issue an appeal shortly for those efforts.

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