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CWS Emergency Response Program Situation Report: Caribbean Hurricanes 27 Jul 2005

SITUATION: Caribbean countries and Mexico continue cleanup and recovery efforts from two substantial hurricanes earlier this month: hurricanes Dennis and Emily. Dennis affected Haiti and Cuba while Emily affected Jamaica, Grenada, Mexico, as well as parts of Texas.
In terms of overall damage, Cuba was the most seriously affected. Dennis, a category four hurricane, killed 10 in Cuba, devastated 11 provinces and caused the evacuation of 1.5 million people. Some 120,000 homes were affected and the nation's agricultural production has suffered severe and comprehensive damage, directly having an impact on
Cuba's food security. This year marks the fourth year in a row that Cuba has been seriously hit by hurricanes.

RESPONSE: Church World Service is responding to these disasters in a number of ways. In Cuba, CWS is planning to ship $149,707 in material assistance to its long-time partner, the Cuban Council of Churches. This shipment includes 6,250 blankets; 1,050 "Gift of the Heart" Baby Kits; and 7,335 "Gift of the Heart" Health Kits.

In addition, CWS International Response and Recovery Liaison (IRRP) Don Tatlock is participating on an Action by Churches Together (ACT) International Capacity Assessment Team to Cuba to work with the Cuban Council to fully develop their response plan to serve those affected by Hurricane Dennis.

In response to Emily, CWS is shipping $126,632 in material assistance - 5,535 "Gift of the Heart" Health Kits; 510 "Gift of the Heart" Baby Kits; and 7,000 CWS blankets -- to Catholic Social Services in San Juan, Texas. CSS plans to distribute the items to those on both sides of the US-Mexican border who were affected by Emily. CSS works in Matomoros, Mexico, and has identified several thousand people in shelters in Mexico who were affected by Emily.

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