Cuba: Situation Report No. 2 Hurricane Paloma 12 Nov 2008 16:00 hrs

Situation Report
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On 8-9 November 2008, Cuba was struck, in less than 10 weeks, by a third high-powered hurricane named PALOMA.

On a tour of the affected areas, Ra=FAl Castro Ruz, President of the Councils of State and Ministers of Cuba, provided specific information on the assessment of the damage caused by the hurricanes in this cyclone season, as reported in Granma newspaper today, 12 November 2008.

- GUSTAV brought about losses in the order of CUC 1.919 billion (US$ 2.072 billion);

- IKE caused damage valued at CUC 6.737 billion (US$ 7.275 billion);

- This accounts for CUC 8.656 billion in losses (US$ 9.349 billion);

- With the new damage caused by Hurricane Paloma, losses will be in the vicinity of US$ 10 billion.

The most affected territories are engaged in the recovery phase.

Measures adopted by the Government of Cuba:

The Cuban authorities continue to take measures and actions as part of the recovery phase, the highlights being as follows:

- Ra=FAl Castro Ruz, President of the Councils of State and Ministers of Cuba, and other high-ranking authorities toured the most affected areas.

- They facilitated the return of most evacuees to their places of origin.

- They continued to provide temporary accommodation/housing and food to the people that have lost their homes.

- They facilitated the activation of cleaning and rubble/garbage removal brigades.

- They mobilized vehicles and specialized personnel from other non-affected provinces in order to restore the electricity service and telecommunications.

- They facilitated the initial work of engineering brigades in the rehabilitation of roads/highways and railway lines, carefully inspecting all bridges and spans (viaducts).

- Rehabilitation actions started on the affected crops.

- Several public services that had been discontinued during the emergency were restored.