UNICEF Croatia Situation Report No. 9, Earthquake, 19 July 2021



  • Both adults and children are going through a crisis after the traumatic experiences of a series of strong earthquakes in 2020 during the COVID19 pandemic. It is expected that the consequences on the mental health of children and their families would stay present for many months.

  • UNICEF delivered 13,5 tons of emergency supplies and approximately 29.000 packages of hygiene products to the earthquake-affected areas. Mobile teams deployed by UNICEF provided mental health and psychosocial support for 332 children and 180 caregivers by end of June 2021. 64 children with disabilities received a total of 438 occupational, sensory integration, and physiotherapy therapy sessions, and 96 caregivers benefited from 429 individual counselling on how to incorporate occupational, physiotherapy, and sensory integration strategies into daily routines.

  • The UNICEF Country Office in Croatia and the Slovenian National Committee for UNICEF launched emergency fundraising appeals in February 2021 raising thus far USD 669,000 in both cash and contributions-in-kind in Croatia and Slovenia for the immediate and long-term emergency

Situation in Numbers

13,750 children directly affected

70,000 people directly affected

Almost 3,000 Internally displaced people

190 190 damaged objects removed

$1,361,000 Funds UNICEF needs for assistance to affected children in 2021.

Funding Overview and Partnerships

The UNICEF Country Office in Croatia requires USD 1,361,000 to provide relief and support in the first year after the earthquake and to address the critical needs of children and adolescents.

Beginning immediately after the disaster, the UNICEF Country Office has raised USD 439,000 (in cash and contributions-in-kind) from individuals and corporations. The UNICEF National Committee in Slovenia raised and transferred USD 230,000. Combined with USD 200,000 received from the Global Humanitarian Thematic (GHT) fund, a total of USD 869,000 has been secured for the emergency response. UNICEF expresses its sincere gratitude to all public and private donors for their generous contributions.

The total raised to date amounts to 64% of the required resources. Additional flexible funding would enable UNICEF to contribute meaningfully to the government-coordinated response in addressing major humanitarian needs of the most vulnerable children and ensuring that the rights of girls and boys are upheld.

Situation Overview & Humanitarian Needs

Two strong earthquakes measuring 5.2 and 6.3 on the Richter scale hit the area of Petrinja town in SisakMoslavina County, the former happening on December 28 and the latter on December 29, 2020. Both earthquakes, but especially the one on December 29, caused numerous casualties and widespread material damage. Since then, more than 1,000 earthquakes were recorded in the area, the most recent one occurring on 3 July 2021 (measuring 2.6 on the Richter scale). Continuous aftershocks, practically happening daily, continue to cause fear and anxiety to the residents and further damage the buildings. 39,860 objects were reported as damaged (statistics inspection determined the following: 4,651 objects permanently not usable, 8,233 objects temporarily not usable – needing further inspection or urgent intervention, and 16,967 objects needing some form of reconstruction). 15 temporary container settlements were set up. 2,223 mobile homes were allocated and placed either in container settlements or in rural areas, where residents make a living from agriculture, next to their damaged homes while awaiting reconstruction. The life of families in such improvised conditions, in cramped space, with a lack of sanitary facilities, or an equipped kitchen, including the lack of family privacy causes additional difficulties and increases the risk of domestic violence. Procedures related to reconstruction and removal of permanently not usable objects are slow. Due to this situation, there is a great deal of uncertainty about where some schools and children will welcome the new school year.