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Estonia supports Croatia with earthquake recovery efforts

  1. January 2021 - 13:44

Yesterday 21 January, the Government of Estonia decided to allocate €50 000 from its reserve to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to support Croatia in dealing with the impact of the 29 December earthquake.

“I am extending my condolences to everyone affected by this devastating natural disaster, especially the residents of Petrinja, Sisaki and Glina and surrounding villages,” Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu said. “2020 was difficult enough for the world due to the mass spread of COVID-19 and now Croatia has the additional burden of dealing with the consequences of the earthquake. I am glad that we decided to support Croatia because we need to stick together in difficult times.”

On 29 December 2020, a 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit Croatia, followed by numerous aftershocks. The epicentre of the earthquake was around 50 kilometres from the capital Zagreb, in the Sisak-Moslavina County in central Croatia. The towns of Sisak, Petrinja and Glina and surrounding villages bore the brunt of the damage. Homes, hospitals and infrastructure have suffered extensive damage and thousands of buildings are unusable or destroyed. The earthquake claimed 7 lives, tens were injured and hundreds are left without shelter. Reconstruction efforts following earthquakes in March 2020 are still underway in Croatia.

The Estonian Red Cross is also collecting donations to help the victims of the earthquake of Croatia.

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