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Croatia: Population Movement Emergency Appeal n° MDRHR002 Revision No. 1

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Since September 2015: when the migratory trail moved to Croatia, a total of 656,830 refugees and migrants have been registered by the Croatian authorities as entering the country.

2 October 2015: 361,559 Swiss francs were released from the Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) to meet the immediate needs of 70,700 individuals through the provision of food and nonfood items, hygiene kits and tracing services (Restoring Family Links – RFL).

5 February 2016: Emergency Appeal was launched for 2,601,799 Swiss francs to support Croatian Red Cross (CRC) scale up its existing activities to assist 175,000 beneficiaries. Additional activities were included, as more migrants were expected.

January / February 2016: due to winter conditions and new border regulations in countries along the Western Balkans route, the number of migrants decreased sharply

8 March 2016: The Croatian Government closed the migration route through Croatia leaving migrants stranded, the majority - 101,578 people - were housed in the Slavonski Brod Camp for the first months of 2016.

13 April 2016: following the closure of the Slavonski Brod Reception Camp, the last group of migrants stranded in Croatia has been moved to three other facilities in Zagreb, Kutina and Ježevo.

22 June 2016: A Revised Emergency Appeal for 1,315,022 Swiss francs is launched to maintain support for migrants who have transited or remain in Croatia and to support contingency planning for a further 1,000 migrants.

The situation and the Red Cross and Red Crescent response to date

This revised Emergency Appeal reflects the changed situation in Croatia, where the migration route is now stopped and the Croatian Red Cross (CRC) is focusing on assisting those migrants and asylum seekers remaining in the country. As a result, the budget has been decreased to 1,315,022 Swiss francs. Through this emergency appeal, CRC is providing essential services to 41,500 people over the whole period of the appeal, through direct assistance on protection and psycho-social support (PSS), the distribution of non-food and hygiene items including cash assistance, health, shelter, community engagement and accountability (CEA), Restoring Family Links (RFL) and National Society capacity building. These services have already been provided to the 40,000 migrants in transit and temporarily accommodated in the Slavonski Brod Camp for the two and half months before its closure on 13 April. This revised appeal is now seeking 563,921 Swiss francs to continue to provide these services (excluding the distribution of food) to the 500 migrants in the detention centre in Ježevo and the two reception centres for asylum seekers in Zagreb and Kutina. This appeal will also include contingency plans and stocks for 1,000 people who are anticipated to arrive in Croatia as part of European Union negotiations. The initial end date of the operation was 5 August 2016, but the timeframe has been extended by three months and is therefore ending on 31 October 2016.