Croatia: Mine Situation Requests

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During 2009, Croatian Mine Action Centre received 498 requests (inquiries) relating to relevant information about mine situation in different regions of the Republic of Croatia.

Most of them refer to insights into mine situation on cadastre lots in particular cadastre municipalities. In most cases, the requests are filed prior to use of subject areas, for safety reasons.

All of them are answered in due time. If we need any extra information, we promptly contact the request submitters.

However, when we are not able to precisely define the boundaries of subject area the request is filed for, due to not having any information on cadastre lot boundaries or subject routes and facilities in digital form; and it is not possible to define them from the cadastre plan copies or other analogous documents; in that case, we ask for more precise positioning of subject area or submission of information on area boundaries in an adequate geocoded digital form in order to be able to present them on the mine situation map that we enclose to the document showing current mine situation.

Majority of requests are filed before tourist season and prior to the season of agricultural activities.