Croatia Flooding Social Media Situation Report, May 22, 2014

Situation Report
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Humanity Road continued its activation to support severe flooding in Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. This report covers Croatia. About 600 square kilometers of Croatia are underwater, including a large part of the country’s agricultural area. There has been an enormous amount of damage to crops, economic structures, and machinery. Currently a team of 20 volunteers are supporting this event including support from our partner Translators Without Borders.

Impacted Highlights

  • Authorities said 38,000 people have been affected by the floods, with 2,000 houses and 199 farms destroyed. - The situation is difficult near Slavonski Samac and Sikirevaca, as well as in Croatian Kostajnice.

  • In the municipality of Dvor, the Una River has burst its banks. - About 11,000 people have been evacuated from Gunja, Strošinaca, Racinovac, Rajeva Sela, and Posavski Podgajaca. 2,000 are staying in shelters Schools are expected to open Monday.

  • An aid convoy from Ina with 64,000 gallons of fuel, clothing, food, toiletries, an emergency boat, and an environmental protection vehicle are on their way to Slavonia - Included on page two in this report is a set of traditional and media links for local radio stations broadcasting in Croatia. If yours is not listed and you would like to be included please complete the 3W report survey

Digital Humanitarian Activation - Public impacted we need your input
On May 22, Humanity Road continued with the survey requested by (UN OCHA). Citizens impacted are invited to complete the survey which was published in English, Serbian and Croatian. The survey and instructions can be found at this link Situation report and 3W report - Aid agencies responding we need your input Real time updates are available on our website. Aid providers who are deploying or responding to Croatia are invited to be listed. Please complete this form to be included in the next report.

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