USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador, Honduras – Tropical Cyclone Nate (GDACS, NOAA, Local Media) (ECHO Daily Flash of 9 October 2017)

Tropical cyclone NATE continued moving inland, crossing southeastern Mississippi State and northwestern Alabama State as a tropical depression.

Over the next 24 hours, it is expected to keep moving inland toward the north-east, passing across the Tennesse Valley and the Central Appalachian Mountains. Heavy rain and strong winds may occur over several areas of Florida Panhadle, Alabama, Georgia, northern Gulf coast, Ohio Valley and east Mississippi River.

According to local media, as of 9 October at 6.00 UTC, it has caused at least 38 deaths: 16 in Nicaragua, 11 in Costa Rica, seven in Panama, three in Honduras and one in El Salvador. In Costa Rica, local media also reported that over 11 300 people have been evacuated. In Nicaragua, they reported that over 5 950 houses have been damaged as of 8 October. In the USA, media mentioned that more than 100 000 people have been left without electrical power in Mississippi and Alabama States.