Costa Rica

Tropical Depression No.16 Flooding and landslides in Costa Rica - Situation Report No 2

Situation Report
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A. Description of the adverse effect:

Due to heavy influence of Tropical Depression 16 at the Caribbean Sea (movement path: from Gracias a Dios Cape towards Belize-Guatemala) Costa Rica was affected by torrential rain from 14 to 17 October. Major impact was suffered by North Pacific, Central Pacific and Central Valley regions: extensive flooding and landslides generated evacuation of hundreds of people, plus destruction of physical infrastructure and croplands.

B. Measures by national authorities:

Weather conditions forced Red / Yellow Alert Mechanisms by the Emergency National Commission (CNE), in coordination with first response institutions. Permanent networking was undertaken with other entities of the Risk Management National System (SNGR) in the country.

By Executive Decree #34805 (Monday 20 October), a state of Emergency was issued for 59 Municipalities, from a total of 81. The aim of the decree is to speed up national efforts to finance rehabilitation and reconstruction. However, public sector funds for those efforts cannot be guaranteed. They depend on available budget surpluses in some Ministries / autonomous institutions.

Both the Ministry of the Presidency and the CNE have requested the ministries to work on the setting of sector priorities (Health, Agriculture/Livestock, Education, Public Works and Transport). There should be a Plan for Rehabilitation and Recovery in oncoming weeks.