Costa Rica - Mexico: Floods cause deaths across Central America

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Published on 18 Oct 2007
San Jose, Costa Rica_(dpa) _ Floods on Thursday continued to cause deaths and leave damage across Central America, the Caribbean and Mexico after days of heavy rains.

The Costa Rican government said Thursday 19 people had died in flooding and Wednesday declared a national state of emergency.

In Nicaragua, authorities said Thursday that the floods had claimed nine lives and six other people remained missing.

Panama and several Caribbean islands have also been affected by flooding.

In Cuba, some 30,000 residents had to be evacuated. Heavy rain on the communist island and others in the Caribbean caused extensive damage to agriculture, destroying sugar cane and other crops. More than 8,000 homes were also damaged.

In Mexico, southern states from Chiapas to Guerrero were particularly affected by the rain, with 15 communities in Chiapas isolated from the outside world.

Intense rainfall added to the damage from other heavy rain in recent months, causing an estimated 80 million dollars in damage in Costa Rica, National Emergency Commission boss Daniel Gallardo said Wednesday.

He said roads across the country had been badly damaged, particularly in the south and in the northern province of Guanacaste.

"The damage to the traffic infrastructure is immense," said Rodrigo Arias, the president's chief of staff. dpa rz fs vs aw

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